Our clients choose us for new and repeat projects because of our excellent track record of successful product development and support.

from Napkin Sketch, through design, into Production

Welcome to Synergy Electronics

Since 1996 Synergy Electronics has applied engineering expertise to the embedded electronics industry, developing dozens of products on the market today. Our lead engineers bring decades of experience to our projects, applying our design expertise to the manifold challenges of advanced embedded design, time-to-market, and smooth transition into manufacturing.

Keys to value

Key points that make Synergy Electronics valuable to your project include:

  • Quality - We achieve quality in both design work and design process
  • Commitment - We provide 100% commitment to you and your project
  • Experience - We have extensive, proven experience in our industry
  • Manufacturing - We can provide design-through-manufacturing of our designs

We design for a diverse client list in many fields, including medical, industrial, communications, and consumer electronics. Continue into our site and learn how Synergy Electronics can help make your next product development project a success.